The 7th Continent board game review

The 7th Continent Review

In our The 7th Continent review, we take a look at a cooperative adventure game in which you search around a mysterious continent for ways to lift curses.

Fire of Eidolon board game review

Fire of Eidolon Review

In our Fire of Eidolon review, we take a look at a cooperative dungeon crawl that has you explore, fight, and try to escape an evil sorcerer’s dungeon.

Magic Maze board game review

Magic Maze Review

In our Magic Maze review, we look at a cooperative real-time game in which you are trying to help characters steal some equipment from a shopping mall.

onirim review

Onirim (Second Edition) Review

In our Onirim review, we take a look at a solo and two-player cooperative card game in which you play as Dreamwalkers attempting to escape a labyrinth.