Pandemic Legacy Review

pandemic legacy review

Year Published: 2015 | Number of Players: 2-4 | Game Length: 60+ minutes (per session)

This Pandemic Legacy review would have been posted A LOT sooner had we not spread out our sessions so much. We wanted to finish before giving our final review, so now that we have, here it is! This is a spoiler-free review.

What is Pandemic Legacy?

Pandemic Legacy is a cooperative campaign game designed by Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau and published by Z-Man Games. You and your group are attempting to wipe out diseases that are spreading throughout the world. No pressure!

There is no difference between the red and blue versions of Pandemic Legacy.

Pandemic Legacy Gameplay

If you know how to play Pandemic, then you should have absolutely no problem playing Pandemic Legacy. The basic rules of Pandemic Legacy are the same as the original Pandemic, but the game evolves as you play through each session.

Throughout Pandemic Legacy, you and your teammates will be moving around the world attempting to cure four different diseases just like in the original Pandemic. This is a full co-op, so you can help each other out by talking about the best ways to deal with each disease.

The whole game lasts one year, but each session will cover one month of that year. If you lose, you will go back and do that month over again. If you lose during that month a second time, you will move on to the next month. This means that the whole game could last just 12 sessions (good luck pulling that off!), or you could play up to 24 games.

pandemic legacy board (spoiler-free)
See, spoiler-free!

So what else makes this version of Pandemic different? Well, the world changes through each playthrough/month, so you will have different rules to follow and more obstacles in your way. Your characters will gain new abilities, stickers will be introduced, cards will be ripped up, and a whole lot of other fun stuff will pop up. The legacy deck, which is where you will find out about these changes, is what makes this game special.

We’re not going to go into spoiler territory, so that’s where we’re going to leave this rules overview. Again, check out our Pandemic review if you want to learn the basics.

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  • The legacy system works so well in this game. Everyone can get behind saving the world from crazy diseases and it creates a story that you will most definitely remember.
  • The legacy system also makes it so every group’s experience is going to be different. It adds so much more tension to an already tense game since you feel like you are part of the ever-changing world you’re looking at on the map.
  • The rules changes throughout the game are awesome. At first it’s regular Pandemic with a few changes, but after a while it becomes a whole new game. Our group got so excited every time we knew that we’d be looking at the legacy deck.


  • We love the original Pandemic, but people who weren’t fans of that game probably won’t like the Legacy version too much. That’s one of the reasons we’d like to see more original games use the legacy system.
  • Speaking of the legacy system, some people do not like the idea of ripping up parts of a game or being done with it after a finite amount of sessions. We get that, but we still recommend giving Pandemic Legacy a shot because chances are you’ll feel like you got your money’s worth (and then some).

Final Thoughts

The original Pandemic is one of our favorite cooperative board games, so it should come as no surprise that we are also huge fans of Pandemic Legacy. Is it better than the original? Well… maybe. As far as gaming experiences go, this is right up there near the top for us. But it doesn’t ruin the original or replace it on our list of top co-op games. It’s probably a tie right now for us, but that could change.

Whether you’ve played the original Pandemic or not, you really have to get this one. It’s fun, it’s intense, and it’s full of surprises. There’s no other cooperative board game out there like it right now. We can’t wait until Season 2 is released!

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