Co-op Roundup – October 10, 2018

Co-op Roundup - October 10, 2018

Below you’ll find some of our favorite recent cooperative board game content from around the web, including reviews, unboxings, podcasts, and playthroughs.

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  • Z-Man Games announced that they will be releasing Narabi, a pattern building card game from Daniel Fehr.
  • Winners were announced for the International Gamers Awards, which included one co-op game.
  • Jasco Games will be starting a Kickstarter campaign for Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game.
  • Fantasy Flight Games previewed four of the investigators in their newest edition of Arkham Horror.
  • Chip Theory Games posted some info about their upcoming game, Cloudspire.
  • CMON announced that their new version of Project Elite will be going on Kickstarter soon.


Video reviews:



Written reviews:






  • CoOp Cast interviewed the designers of SEAL Team Flix:

  • Blue Peg, Pink Peg reviewed Sub Terra and Nyctophobia.
  • The Game Design Round Table interviewed Scott Almes, the designer of the Tiny Epic series.

New Kickstarter Projects

Here are some of the cooperative board games that popped up on Kickstarter recently:


If you know of any new cooperative board game reviews, news, unboxings, playthroughs, or anything else co-op board game related, don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below to let us know about it!

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