Kickstarter Updates – March 31

In the newest featured section here at Co-op Board Games, we will regularly take a look at Kickstarter board games and any developments that the designers have posted. Of course, every game we will look at will be cooperative.

Zephyr: Winds of Change

Zephyr Winds of Change

Current Backers: 333, Pledged: $20,446 of $50,000, Days Remaining: 27

Zephyr: Winds of Change is a cooperative modular tabletop adventure for one to four players. Each player takes on the role of an airship captain. As a recent recruit to the band of vigilantes called Zephyr, each player must outfit their own vessel and work together defend the last remaining shred of civilization from malevolent marauders and unrelenting warlords.

In their latest updates, the guys at Portal Dragon announced that they had added more backer levels and social stretch goals. They’ve been updating regularly through the first few days of the campaign, so check back regularly for the new changes.

Zephyr is a game that A LOT of people are hoping gets funded because it seems to have everything you’d hope for in a cooperative game. Our favorite thing about Zephyr (without playing it yet) is that they seemed to put a lot of focus into giving each character very unique abilities, which we know is not an easy thing to do in co-op games.


Zephyr: Winds of Change KICKSTARTER PAGE


Last Stand

last stand board game

Current Backers: 84, Pledged: $4,211 of $4,000, Days Remaining: 10

Last Stand is a cooperative board game in which players assume the role of action heroes holding their ground against a battalion of enemy forces. Surrounded, the squad must work together in order to survive the onslaught and defeat the enemy forces’ powerful general.

They announced yesterday that Last Stand has been funded!

We won’t know how good it is until we’ve tested it out, but right now it looks like a game we’d definitely like because it seems easy enough to learn, yet deep enough to warrant many playthroughs. Plus, the artwork is just awesome!


Last Stand Kickstarter Page


Be sure to check back regularly for more Kickstarter board games! And, as always, thanks for stopping by!

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