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mythos tales preview

Release Date: October 2016, Number of Players: 1-8, Game Length: 60+ minutes

Mythos Tales is a cooperative game of macabre detection and Lovecraft horror for 1 – 8 players. In Mythos Tales, players take on the role of private investigators in Lovecraft’s Arkham, tasked with solving a series horrifying mysteries.  Each investigation takes between 60-120 minutes to complete, and the game will include 8 investigations in a full color book,  large fold out map, Requirement Cards, Time Tracker with wood markers, Directory and rules.

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign in which nearly 2,500 people pledged over $116,000, Mythos Tales is nearly ready to hit the shelves. My group has enjoyed most of the Lovecraft games that we’ve played so far, so we’re definitely looking forward to playing this one.

I could be wrong, but it seems like this is going to be a blend of Arkham Horror and Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. If I’m right, yeah, well, this could end up being an amazing game.

You can preorder Mythos Tales at Cool Stuff Inc., and it will be available to the public this fall.

Don’t forget to check back here in a few months to see our Mythos Tales review!


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