Coming Soon – Eppi


Release: Jan. 2024 | Players: 1-99 | Ages: 8+

From Lookout Games:

In this interactive, story-based puzzle book for the whole family, you embody Eppi, but also get the chance to play different characters as the game progresses. That’s even necessary, because helping Eppi requires the combined wit and ingenuity of the entire Bowline family – from baby Manni to Grandma Tara. The game works very much like a point & click computer game.

I was a fan of Lookout Games’ first point-and-click game, Cantaloop, but I think that system might work even better in Eppi. Cantaloop was aimed at older teens and adults, but mechanically it felt like something that would work great in a family game. I’m looking forward to checking this one out.

You can see more info about Eppi at the Lookout Games website. You can pre-order the game from Miniature Market.


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