Coming Soon – Dungeon Time

dungeon time preview

Release Date: February 2017, Number of Players: 1-5, Game Length: 10+ minutes

From Cool Stuff Inc.:

Dungeon Time is a real time, cooperative card game of exciting dungeon adventures and catastrophic failures. Players enter a fantasy realm with only 5 minutes to complete their goals: find the equipment, get the missions, and beat the clock – without being over-burdened by their equipment – leveling up to higher challenges if they do. Simple, intelligent, and fast-playing.

Dungeon Time did very well on Kickstarter, so there a lot of people patiently (impatiently?) waiting for this one to get released. Simple thematic card games are right up my alley, so I will definitely be picking this one up

I’m not sure there is another real-time cooperative tabletop game like this out there right now. I like the whole “put items in your backpack to fulfill mission objectives” thing. It’s also very cool that the mission rewards give you items that you can use on future missions. Oh, and the card artwork looks great!

I was a bit worried about the sand timer since it’s easy to forget about while everyone is involved in a real-time game. But they recently made a soundtrack for the game, so I’ll probably just use that.

Ares Games has released some very solid board games over the years (Galaxy Defenders, War of the Ring), so we’re definitely looking forward to playing Dungeon Time.

You can preorder Dungeon Time at Cool Stuff Inc. or buy it at Amazon in February. For a bit more info on the game, take a look at the official page.

Remember to check back here soon to see our Dungeon Time review!

In the meantime, check out this preview video of Dungeon Time: