Coming Soon – Cahoots

Cahoots card game preview

Release Date: June 2018 | Number of Players: 2-4 | Game Length: 20 minutes

From BGG:

Cooperation is key in Cahoots! Play cards to one of four piles by matching color or number. Work together as a team to complete a series of goals — without communicating what’s in your hand. Can you make all piles purple or green? Every card lower than four? All cards add up to ten? There’s only one way to win before time runs out: Play in cahoots!

I’m really glad more of these small-box co-ops are coming out this year. These are usually the types of games that you’ll take with you to every gaming night just in case you have some time before, in between, or after other games you’re playing that night. They’re also usually great travel games. The Game was my go-to for a while, but right now it’s the excellent The Mind.

Cahoots looks like it’s going to be a blend of those two games with a little bit of Hanabi mixed in. Going by the description above, I’m assuming there will be multiple goals each round, which should make it different enough than those other games. I’m definitely looking forward to playing this one.

You can currently pre-order Cahoots from Miniature Market or CoolStuffInc. Remember to check back here soon to see our Cahoots review! (As promised, here’s our Cahoots review!)

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