Coming Soon – Apocrypha Adventure Card Game

Apocrypha Adventure Card Game preview

Release Date: August 2017, Number of Players: 1-6, Game Length: 60 minutes

From Lone Shark Games:

The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game is the next evolution of the gameplay from two games we helped create: the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Betrayal at House on the Hill. It can be run as a fully cooperative adventure card game solo or in a group, or a guide can take over and expand it into a full-blown roleplaying game. It’s designed by the team at Lone Shark Games, with card text by authors like Jerry Holkins, Kij Johnson, Kris Straub, and Patrick Rothfuss.

Set on the precipice of a modern day apocalypse, Apocrypha is an hour-long game that immerses 1 to 6 players in a conflict with the most dangerous entities in the universe. Players play “saints,” characters who can see the hidden monsters lurking in every alley and school lunch room. These characters grow through sessions of gameplay, unlocking repressed memory fragments that expand their powers and capabilities. Apocrypha is the game that will change the way you look at the world, and the way the world looks back at you.

Well, considering how much support Apocrypha got during its Kickstarter campaign, we’re expecting this game to do pretty well. We’ve enjoyed both Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Betrayal at House on the Hill, so chances are we’re going to like this one, too.

As always, I’m mostly interested in the new ideas that this game will bring to the table. Will it be very similar to Pathfinder with a new theme slapped on, or will it be a unique experience that sets it apart from the designers’ other games? From all of the info I’ve read and heard so far, it looks like they spent a lot of time working on each adventure’s story, so I’m excited to play this game.

Here’s a video from designer Mike Selinker going over the basics of Apocrypha:

There currently aren’t any preorder options out there, but it will be released at Cool Stuff Inc. in a few months. For a bit more info on Apocrypha, check out the official page, the game’s Kickstarter, or the BGG page.

Remember to check back here soon after its release to see our Apocrypha Adventure Card Game review!