Co-op Roundup – September 13, 2020

Co-op Roundup - September 13, 2020

Below you’ll find some of our favorite recent cooperative board game content from around the web, including reviews, unboxings, podcasts, and playthroughs.

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Video reviews:



Written reviews:


  • One Stop Co-op Shop played the adventure game Legends of Andor with The Star Shield expansion:


  • Gaming Knights played the co-op deck building game Heroes of Tenefyr.
  • Rahdo played the space exploration game Apollo: A Game Inspired by NASA Moon Missions.
  • Meeple University played the cooperative dice game Back to the Future: Dice Through Time.
  • BoardRoom Gamer played the fantasy adventure game Arkham Horror: The Card Game.



Kickstarter Projects


New Releases


Marvel Champions: The Rise of Red Skull

BGG | Amazon | Miniature Market


Fallout: Atomic Bonds

BGG | Cardhaus


If you know of any new cooperative board game reviews, news, unboxings, playthroughs, or anything else co-op board game related, don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below to let us know about it!


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