Kickstarter Updates – April 7

In the newest featured section here at Co-op Board Games, we will take a look at Kickstarter board games and any developments that the designers have posted. Of course, every game we will look at will be cooperative.


Inglorious Space

Inglorious Space

Current Backers: 34, Pledged: $2,035 of $2,400, Days Remaining: 8

Based on classic arcade shoot-em-ups from Galaga to Gradius, Inglorious Space is a tabletop game about working together… as long as it’s profitable. Players take control of ace bounty hunters and use “Command Cards” to pilot their fighters across space, shoot enemies, and activate unique character abilities.

On April 4, Black Table Games announced that they had created a new $3,000 stretch goal that will earn certain backers free bead sprites of one of the game’s four player ships. The Inglorious Space team is also posting gameplay streams regularly.

We knew we liked these guys when we saw that a $5 pledge gets backers a how-to guide on building the game’s ships with LEGOs. How cool is that?! They have eight days to make it to their $2,400 goal, so help them out if you like what you see!





Dungeon Delvers

Current Backers: 25, Pledged: $2,036 of $5,000, Days Remaining: 32

Dungeon Delvers is a 4 Player cooperative card game. Players draw from a dungeon deck in order to fight monsters, gaining treasures and leveling up. At the bottom floor of the dungeon lurks a boss, defeat the boss to win!

In his latest update, designer Dick Dickerson announced that he and his team are continuing to work on the game’s artwork. He also mentioned that the game will be completed well ahead of its October release.

A dungeon crawler co-op card game where you get to fight different monster bosses? Yes, please!




Be sure to check back regularly for more updates on cooperative Kickstarter board games! And, as always, thanks for stopping by!

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