Coming Soon – Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats

Firefly Adventures preview

Release Date: October 2017 | Number of Players: 1-5 | Game Length: 90+ minutes

From the official site:

Firefly: Adventures is a cooperative, mission based, skirmish-level game where the players use the different skills and abilities of Malcolm, Zoë, Jayne, Kaylee and Wash to succeed. The game contains two distinct miniature game pieces for each crew member, one in Casual relaxed pose, the other in a Heroic action pose. Crew may choose to Act Casual or Act Heroic and each pose has a unique set of actions that the Crew can perform on their turn, but be warned – while no one’s gonna pay much mind to someone with a casual demeanor, acting all heroic is sure to attract unwanted attention.


When you and the Crew get to work, a Job Briefing will tell you all you need to know; what your Crew needs to accomplish, how they might succeed and how long they have to get it done. Some Jobs are easier and faster, some are longer and more involved. What type of Job you want to tackle is up to you. You can work a single Job, or a series of Jobs, using the Credits you earn from one Job to equip the Crew for the next Job.


Working a Job is never easy, there’s always some manner of malcontents standing in your way. You and the Crew are sure to run afoul of hired Goons, whether it’s a posse of unruly Cowboys or a gang of Eavesdown Docks Thugs. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to talk your way out of trouble or distract them with some technical know-what. If not, then the situation may require a bit of violence! Brigands & Browncoats includes ten unique detailed Goon game pieces; five Cowboys and five Thugs.

I, like so many other people out there, loved the Firefly TV series and the follow-up film, Serenity. The theme alone makes me want to play this game, but there are a few other things that intrigue me about it as well. I like co-op games that have players act a bit stealthy as they are maneuvering around, and that seems to be the case here with the “casual” and “heroic” versions of each character. This also seems like a lighter campaign-style game, and there aren’t too many of those out there.

I don’t know that this will replace Firefly: The Game (also made by Gale Force Nine) as the go-to Firefly board game, but it is a game that plenty of people (like me!) will be wanting to play.

Firefly Adventures preview - game layout

You can currently pre-order Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats at CSI. To learn a bit more about the game, check out the official site or head on over to its BGG page.

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