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Cities Skylines – The Board Game - cover

Release: October 2019 | Players: 1-4 | Minutes: 70

From Kosmos:

Cities: Skylines – The Board Game is a co-operative game based on the popular computer game of the same name by Paradox Interactive.


Gameplay starts with four land boards being visible, though this varies depending on the scenario. The goal is to finish a number of milestones while keeping the inhabitants of your city happy. At the start of each milestone, one connected land board is chosen, bought, and flipped over from its nature side to its developed side. Players have personal cards that show what they can build, and should discuss and plan with the other players how to best develop the city. The cards show what effects the building will have on the city. Some will increase the need for garbage collection, decrease crime, bring more traffic or give a bonus if placed next to a park, for example.

A cooperative city-building board game? Yep, sign me up!

I haven’t played the Cities: Skylines video game, but it looks awesome and city-building is a genre that I’ve always liked. I’m assuming that this will be a great solo game, but obviously I’m more interested in seeing how well it plays as a co-op. Kosmos has published some solid cooperative games over the years, like Legends of Andor and the Exit: The Game series, so I’m really looking forward to playing this one.

You can see more information about Cities: Skylines on its BGG page. You can also pre-order the game from Game Nerdz or Cardhaus.

UPDATE: Here’s our Cities: Skylines – The Board Game review!

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Cities Skylines is not Co-op and has a hell of a lot longer play through then 7 hours. Imagine Sim City, but thousands on mods, less cartoony, massive maps, and single player