Co-op Roundup – September 23, 2018

Co-op Roundup - September 23, 2018

Below you’ll find some of our favorite recent cooperative board game content from around the web, including reviews, unboxings, and playthroughs.

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  • Z-Man Games announced that they will be releasing Pandemic: Fall of Rome, the newest game in Matt Leacock’s Pandemic series.
  • Triton Noir announced that their newest game, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice, will be coming to Kickstarter soon.


Video reviews:



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New Kickstarter Projects

Here are a couple of cooperative board games that popped up on Kickstarter over the last couple of weeks:

If you know of any new cooperative board game reviews, news, unboxings, playthroughs, or anything else co-op board game related, don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below to let us know about it!

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Richard Saunders
Richard Saunders

Co-op Gestalt is a blog that reviews and discusses cooperative board games as well!

Ronny Alexander

Nice! I’ll keep an eye on it.