Coming Soon – The Fox in the Forest Duet

The Fox in the Forest Duet preview - cover

Release: January 2020 | Players: 2 | Minutes: 30

From Renegade Game Studios:

In the innovative, two-player co-operative trick-taking game The Fox in the Forest Duet, players team up, helping each other move through the forest.


Work together to play tricks and move through the forest. Use the special abilities of the characters to exchange cards with each other, to let your teammate follow with any card, and more. Win as a team by collecting all the gems, but be careful to stay on the path and not get lost in the forest!

I’m a big fan of the original The Fox in the Forest and I’ve never played a cooperative trick-taking game, so I’m definitely going to be checking out The Fox in the Forest Duet. It’s actually one of two co-op trick-taking games that I’m looking forward to playing in 2020, along with The Crew.

You can see more information about The Fox in the Forest Duet at BGG (the rulebook can be found here) and you can preorder the game at Miniature Market and Game Nerdz.

Remember to check back here soon to see our The Fox in the Forest Duet review!

Update: As promised, here’s our The Fox in the Forest Duet review!

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