Coming Soon – Aeon’s End

aeon's end preview

Release Date: November 2016, Number of Players: 1-4, Game Length: 60+ minutes

From the Aeon’s End Kickstarter page:

Aeon’s End is a cooperative game that explores the deckbuilding genre with a number of innovative mechanisms, including a variable turn order system that simulates the chaos of an attack, and deck management rules that invite careful planning of every discarded card. Players will struggle to defend Gravehold from The Nameless and their hordes using unique abilities, powerful spells, and, most importantly of all, their collective wits.

aeon's end preview 2Well, we’re big fans of cooperative deck building games (who isn’t?), so we’re definitely looking forward to this one! A lot of other people are, too, as Aeon’s End was able to raise $189,714 during their Kickstarter campaign.

It seems like they have done a good job of making each game play differently by adding a lot of randomness to the decks you’ll end up with and the turn order. It’s not easy to make a deck building game with plenty of replay value, so it would be awesome if they found a way to do it with this game.

It’s also great to see more games popping up with original themes. I really like the idea of being an underground society attempting to hold off powerful enemies. Even if you’re not into this type of theme, you have to at least give the designer credit for coming up with an original story.

If you’re interested, you can go to Cool Stuff Inc. to preorder Aeon’s End or you can wait until November when the game is expected to be released. For a bit more information about the game, head on over to Action Phase’s website or to Aeon’s End Kickstarter page.

Don’t forget to check back soon to see our Aeon’s End review!

As promised, here’s our Aeon’s End review