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Year: 2015 | Players: 1-4 | Minutes: 120 | Ages: 14+

This Mistfall review was made after playing the game five times.

What is Mistfall?

In Mistfall, the kingdom is threatened by a great impending darkness and has called upon its greatest heroes. You and your fellow travelers are equipped with your own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses and must work together to defend the kingdom.

Mistfall was designed by Błażej Kubacki and published by Games Factory Publishing.

Mistfall Gameplay

At the beginning of Mistfall, you will choose your characters and the quest that you will be playing through. Each character comes with a basic set of abilities and health that determines their starting equipment.

Each quest has its own story and randomized encounters, but it can also feed into a larger story that can be put together by playing multiple quests. You must complete each quest before the time tracker reaches the end, indicating that you have lost the kingdom.

As you and your teammates move from one location to another, you will deal with encounters. During these encounters, the heroes and enemies will each take turns battling it out. Players need to either defeat the enemies or gather enough progress to move on to a new location.

mistfall review

Each player’s primary job is to build his or her character the best way possible for the mission at hand. To do this, you will use your unique starting deck and add on to it with upgraded cards that you can buy throughout the game. Cards can be used to do a number of things, from fighting, going on the defensive, or even to get more cards into your hand. If you ever run out of cards, your character is out of the game.

That is a very brief overview of how the game works. Check out the official Mistfall rules (PDF) if you want to see exactly how to play the game.


  • The Mistfall quests are very well-designed and probably took quite a bit of time to put together. They keep you guessing throughout as you fight off monsters, dodge encounters and work to achieve your goals.
  • Mistfall is usually a challenging game, which is what my group prefers. You have to think pretty hard about which cards to play when, where to go, and when it’s okay to take some chances. It’s a puzzle game that most groups will find quite tough to beat and it does give you that itch to try it again when you lose.
  • It’s always great when you feel like a unique character in a game, and that’s exactly how you feel while playing Mistfall. Since all of the heroes have their owns decks of cards, you know that you will be bringing your own skills to each battle.
  • I love combos in board games, and there are plenty of ways to create cool combos with your abilities in Mistfall. This is probably where most people will find the fun in the game because the ability combos allow you to feel like very powerful heroes that can help each other defeat any foe you come up against.
  • Mistfall’s replay value is also pretty high. The characters you choose, the scenarios, and the random encounters and locations ensure that each game will play out differently. This is one of those rare scenario-driven games that won’t go stale quickly.


  • Mistfall has a lot of rules and a kind of confusing rulebook layout. It isn’t an extremely complex game, but you will probably have to check keywords and other little rules as you’re playing, especially in your first two or three games. It doesn’t totally ruin the pacing of the game, but an already long game could be made even longer for those who don’t pick up on all of the rules quickly.
  • It’s also a bit of a shame that there isn’t more variety to the artwork, especially on the hero cards. Even though there are plenty of cards in each deck, you are pretty much looking at the same art no matter which card you pick up. This will bother some players more than others.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you appreciate a game simply because you know a ton of effort went into making it. That’s pretty much how I feel about Mistfall. It’s a nice-looking game and it does give you a pretty good co-op experience, but it just hasn’t been a hit with my group. We have stayed pretty engaged through each 2+ hour playthrough, but that’s mostly because there is A LOT you need to keep track of throughout the game and the puzzle is tough to wrap your head around at times.

I do like Mistfall – it’s a challenging game and it does a good job of making you feel like powerful adventurers – but I’d like to see a new edition with a streamlined ruleset and a bit more art variety.

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