Mysterium Board Game Review

mysterium review

Year Published: 2015 | Number of Players: 2-7 | Game Length: 45 minutes

Before we get into this Mysterium board game review, we feel like you should know that this was one of our most anticipated cooperative games of the last year or two. We loved the thought of mixing Clue with Dixit… and making it a co-op game on top of that! Did we end up liking it, though? Let’s see…

What is Mysterium?

Mysterium is a murder mystery board game with a dreamy twist that was designed by Oleksandr Nevskiy, Oleg Sidorenko and published by Asmodee. A group of physic investigators enter a haunted manor and, with the help of a ghost, try to figure out who committed a nasty murder. The goal of Mysterium is simple: Don’t let the murderer get away with it!

Mysterium Gameplay

The cards in Mysterium are the main focus of the game. Each investigator must look through the dream cards, the location cards and the weapon cards in order to figure out who their specific suspect is. The player who has the role of the ghost knows the answers to these questions, but they must enter the investigators’ dreams in order to give them the clues. The investigators have seven rounds (days) to figure out who the murderer is or they lose.

mysterium board game review

The first stage of Mysterium is the dream stage, in which the ghost selects clue cards to give to the psychic investigators. Each investigator has his or her own suspects, so they are all getting different clues.

The investigation stage then begins and the players try to figure out the face-up cards that the ghost was referring to. Players can give each other tips, but it’s ultimately up to each individual to choose the right cards.

Finally, the ghost tells each player if they were right or wrong. If anyone guessed correctly, they can move on the the next row of cards. Anyone who guessed incorrectly will have to try again next round.

Once the round is done, the day moves ahead.

If all of the investigators are able to figure out their suspects in time, then one more round happens and the players work together to figure out who the real murderer is.


At its core, Mysterium is a murder mystery game with some light horror thrown in. The theme is certainly there, but it is very important that the players allow themselves to get into it so it can shine through. It is a “party game” of sorts, so it might be tough for some gaming groups to get really immersed in the spooky mystery they need to solve.


  • We can’t keep going through this Mysterium board game review without mentioning the artwork, which is amazing! Each component looks fantastic, but the dream cards are the highlight of the game. The artists, Igor Burlakov and Xavier Collette, should definitely win some awards for the job they did on these cards.
  • It may seem like a horror game, but Mysterium is actually very family friendly. The interactions between the investigators and the attempts at team deduction lead to a very fun experience for players young and old.
  • Mysterium scales extremely well for different player counts and difficulty levels. You don’t change any of the rules no matter how many investigators are playing, and you just add in more cards to make the game a tougher challenge.


  • We have no major issues with Mysterium, but we do worry that the base game will become stale over time. There are only so many cards in the game, so if you play through it many times with the same set of players, it could become pretty easy to figure out the clues. Future expansions should certainly add to its replay value, though.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of murder mysteries, chances are you will love Mysterium. If you like thematic games, or deduction games, you will probably love Mysterium. It also happens to be one of the best family games out there. The only people who might not like Mysterium are those who prefer heavier strategy games.

This one is definitely staying in our collection. Even when it got frustrating, we really enjoyed working as a team to figure out who the murderer was. Even if we don’t play it a lot in the future, Mysterium will be a board game worth owning for the fantastic artwork alone!

You can test out the game by getting the Mysterium app for iOS, Android, or on Steam.

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